These 12 women shown up in this picture have 775 confirmed Nazi kills



Over 800,000 women served in the Soviet armed forces in World War II, mostly as medics and nurses, which is over 3 percent of total personnel; nearly 200,000 of them were decorated. 89 of them eventually received the Soviet Union’s highest award, the Hero of the Soviet Union, they served as pilots, snipers, machine gunners, tank crew members and partisans, as well as in auxiliary roles. Few of these women, however, were promoted to officers.

The Soviets were actually pretty far ahead in doing away with sex bias in their armed forces.

Fighting for your survival against a genocidal mad man will definitely make you reconsider traditional gender roles in the military

Also when your ruling party’s doctrine is an ideology that has supported women’s liberation since the mid 1800s and gender equality was a central part of their society from the start, before Stalin and before US women could even vote

Except that Stalin was a jerk and reverted all progress in women’s rights under his leadership before the war.


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