The key to a healthy life is having a healthy mind. Your body hears everything your mind says. So, what if you are depressed, full of anger and sorrow and always stressed? These emotions do not help you in any way. They will drag you from your foot and take you away from happiness.

Inner peace and a quiet mind are considered as the most comforting thing that ever exists. Inner peace and a quite mind, do these words sounds like something impossible? It may sound so, but the task in not very difficult. Here are simple things you can do to achieve the goal.

Sometimes, the matter which troubles you may be a very important one. But, no matter how important it is, you should not overthink about it. Just relax your mind and forget what’s troubling you at least for ten seconds. The most important thing is, never let your mind to be a victim of sad and negative thoughts. You should have the power to control the remote controller which controls your mind. So, once your mind attacks something bad, you just have to change the channel. If your mind is used to negative thoughts, shifting it to positive and happy thoughts may take some time. No matter how difficult it is, you should be patient and practice calming your mind. In some people, negative and depressing thoughts show a regular pattern. For such people, it is better to understand the pattern and take notes on it. So, you can easily break the pattern.

Who says daydreaming is bad? No one. But, the thing is nobody should daydream or think too much. You should know your limits and stay within it. Maybe you think, thinking does not need energy. But, believe me, it does. Overthinking is just waste of your energy and time. So, why waste your energy on something that affects you badly?

The other important thing is forgetting your past. There’s no use of wasting time and regretting what you did in the past. Of course, you should take lessons from past. But, it does not mean you should let your past to control you. You should always live in the present. See the things around you with a good eye and embrace them with love. Be confident of what you are doing now and enjoy your life. You should sweep all the regrets and sorrows far away from your life.

Let me tell you something interesting. We all should have our own inspiration quote. It can be a single word, a sentence or anything. Just choose the one which suits you and keep saying it inside your mind. Let the echo touch the core of your soul. Believe me this method has worked for many depressed people. Chanting the same positive thing over and over will make both your


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