Mueller drills down on Roger Stone’s WikiLeaks contacts


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Robert Mueller’s scrutiny is investigating on Roger Stone. The investigation is about whether Stone has being back-channeling Wiki Leaks beyond New York radio host as well as political activists during election which was held on 2016. However, Stone claims this incident as a primary level go-between.

Stone has being a longtime ally of Donald Trump, the president of U.S. Mueller’s team says that Randy Creditor has being Stone’s main intermediary according to Stone’s explanation.

The team has found that Stone had relationship with Julian Assange, the founder of Wiki Links and go-between for this relationship has being Jerome Corsi. So, the team will be investigating in that too.

The team will be also investigating on the matter whether Stone has shared information with the members of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The team has recorded evidence of Stone telling that he has being communicating with Trump more often during the presidential campaign, 2016.

An attorney of Stone, Grant Smith said;

“We have said over and over again that he shared nothing with the campaign because he had nothing to share. He received nothing from anybody. At what point does this old record get worn out from being played over and over again?”

In the meantime, Stone said;

“I never discussed Wiki Leaks stuff with Trump and would never have said I should get credit for coordinating with Wiki Leaks since I did no such thing.”

Stone further stated that although he has proven his innocence in this matter, the Mueller’s team is trying to frame him for something he did not do and trying to force him to work against Trump.

Let’s share this story and will make the justice speak for itself!


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