Trump Meets Patient Battling Rare Cancer and What Happens Next is a Holy Miracle

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Cancer is an ugly, vile monster. It’s a very unfortunate monster that rears its ugly head into people’s lives and often ruins them. Well, this story has a very different ending.

If you recall, there was a young Trump campaign volunteer who met with Trump by invitation and received a very special gift, along with front-row seats to a concert the night before Inauguration.

Shane Bouvet was his name, and the special gift was a $10,000 check for his father’s cancer treatments.

Now over one year later, Bouvet and his father met with President Trump at the White House to thank the president for the life-saving donation.

On Tuesday, Bouvet and his father came onto “Fox & Friends” to tell us about their story and their visit to the White House,

Shane said, “I remember coming home and saying, ‘Dad, we have the money. We have the money to get you treatments.’ I’m forever grateful.”

Shane’s father, Don, relayed how “unbelievable” it all was especially being as his son is only 25-years-old, noting,
“And I just can’t thank him enough, or President Trump.”

Not only did President Trump give them the funds necessary to save Don Bouvet’s life, but he also had their dreams of visiting the White House come true.

This is only one of many simple and wholesome stories that collect in Trump’s generosity and giving nature. SHARE this all over if you believe President Trump is a caring and giving man!


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