Trump Just STUNNED North Korea With What He Did Minutes Ago

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Donald Trump won’t give up without a fight.

He is a warrior by nature.

North Korea your end is near.

President Trump is gonna squash every threat that is being thrown at our beloved country America. He just made a public threat to Kim Jong Un to stop messing around and back down from their strategy to nuke our land.

But if Donald Trump isn’t pushed to the wall he will try to negotiate peacefully. That is the case with North Korea. In the start of the conflict, he tried to calm them down and to settle with them on a peaceful note. Our President is a diplomat after all. But it seems that Kim Jung-Un is a knucklehead and a stubborn leader. The North Korea leader messes with the wrong guy. His stubbornness will bring only harm to his people.

Trump posted a tweet on his account this morning:

You can’t say that Trump didn’t try to settle this conflict peacefully. He gave them chance after chance. However, Kim Jong-Un rejected every proposition. North Korea is on the clock. They need to decide if they want destruction or peace.



This current situation escalated thanks to our former government. Ex President Obama had all the time and resources to find a peaceful solution to the conflict with Kim Jong Un. He should’ve stopped them in the beginning. Now they are growing and becoming stronger and more armed by the minute. North Korea is producing a bunch of nuclear warheads thanks to the fund and help of former President Obama.

Unlike Obama, President Donald Trump is not gonna go down without a fight until his last breath. He is a man of his people and he stands by them until the very end.

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