She Starts Singing “I Will Always Love You” To Mom. Within Seconds Everyone Breaks Down In Tears

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When someone has skill, you can sense it right away. That’s what happened when Laura Kamhuber auditioned for The Voice Kids Germany. In seconds, Laura brought the judges and audience to their feet with her breathtaking performance of the beloved classic song, “I Will Always Love You.”

Ever since her parents could remember, Laura has had a song in her heart. At the young age of three Laura began performing for the seniors in the retirement home as a way to brighten their day. Singing in front of a group of people lit her soul and she knew music was her calling. Since the days performing for the elderly folks, Laura has perfected her voice and spent hours practicing reading music. Even before her stint on The Voice Kids Germany she was devoted to the idea of making it big in the music industry. Instead of dismissing her daughter’s dream, Laura’s mother supported her and truly believed that she would be a superstar one day. That’s why Laura’s audition on The Voice was dedicated to her mother – she wanted to thank her for everything!

Almost immediately after she started singing “I Will Always Love You” the judges sensed that Laura was different than the other contestants. The judges hit their buttons to petition Laura to be on their teams! They loved her audition, and her beautiful voice brought many to tears – especially her mom. Listen to Laura’s powerful audition for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. What a talented young lady!


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