Sarah Huckabee Just Revealed Why FAITH Will Always Come FIRST [VIDEO]

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The trio spoke about several topics including Sarah’s new job as Press Secretary, what she likes to eat for breakfast, and how she feels about the political climate today.

In the middle of the interview, Sarah gets right down to it with the hosts and tells them exactly who she credits with her success from starting as an assistant to a general contractor to where she is today.


The host asks Sarah what role faith plays in her life and Sarah immediately says God is number one for her and she’s not afraid to have faith in every aspect of her life.

“I think anybody of authentic faith, it has to be the primary thing that drives everything that you do. Some people want to say you can separate your faith from your work, I feel very much the opposite of that. I think your faith defines who you are and I’m certainly not going to shy away from that. It’s a big part of who I am and something that I’m more than happy to talk about openly.”

Thank God for Sarah Huckabee and the re-emergence of religion within our White House. The moral decay in this country over the past eight years has left us needing to bring God back in this country more than ever. Keep fighting the good fight, Sarah!

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