POLL: Would You Vote to FIRE Paul Ryan?

The swamp has been in panic mode since the Trump election. We don’t blame them!

Representative Paul Ryan, the leader of the swamp-dwellers, has been hindering Trump’s success. After his failed healthcare plan, he hasn’t accomplished anything but catering to the mainstream media. We need to remove Ryan.

Ryan’s healthcare plan was awful. He is so detached from hardworking Americans.

Paul Ryan was a Never Trumper. In other words, he wanted Hillary Clinton. He’s even married to a liberal.

How has this man lasted this long? We cannot allow these career politicians to infect our capital with their nonsense.

Ryan’s healthcare bill was so flawed and muddled that he couldn’t even defend it. Worse, he attacked honest conservatives for protecting us patriots.

The Left loves Paul Ryan. Why wouldn’t they? He represents division and weakness in the Republican party.

Paul Ryan has demonstrated that he is incapable of looking out for us. We need a real conservative in office.

The mainstream media loves to paint Ryan as a sympathetic figure, but that is only because he is in bed with them.

Ryan is a traitor to conservatism. He is not a patriot. He will never be a patriot. We need to hold Paul Ryan accountable for his failures. We cannot rubber stamp this guy’s actions. Paul Ryan does not speak for me. Ryan is to blame for Obama’s second re-election. If we had someone different than Romney and Ryan, we wouldn’t have had four more years of that liberal nightmare.

We need people like this out and more patriots in. How can we accomplish anything with people like Paul Ryan holding positions of political power and bringing us all down to his level?



  • Yes (97%, 550 Votes)
  • No (3%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 566




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