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Microsoft’s OneNote strategy: Battle Evernote, or something bigger?

Computerworld - Microsoft currently began charity Mac users a OneNote focus giveaway of charge, creation rumors of final week a reality.

The OneNote app has been published to a Mac App Store, a OS X chronicle of Apple’s better-known App Store for a iPhone and iPad. Microsoft also scratched off a cost tab from a Windows desktop chronicle of OneNote, that had cost $70 as a standalone application.

“Microsoft releasing OneNote for a Mac is transparent justification of an ecosystem play [by a company] since it’s critical to have clients on vital platforms as against to only ones that are flourishing rapidly,” Ross Rubin, of Reticle Research, pronounced in an email.

The giveaway versions are singular to home and propagandize use, and are not protected for business purposes. Only those copies of OneNote that are partial of a commercial-class chronicle of Office 2013 or a business-grade Office 365 devise can be used for work during work.

Also today, Microsoft expelled a browser toolbar appendage for grabbing Web calm and fixation it in OneNote, and shipped Office Lens, a Windows Phone-only app that captures papers snapped with a smartphone’s camera.

Microsoft couched a giveaway OS X and Windows OneNote as partial of a all-along devise to pull a note-taking focus to as many platforms as possible. “We’ve done it easier to use OneNote no matter what height you’re on, and easier than ever to send anything into OneNote,” wrote David Rasmussen, a partner organisation module manager with a team, on a blog today.

That plan mimics Evernote’s, a association whose same-named flagship note-taking program is also on each suggestive platform, including Windows 8′s “Metro” tile-based user interface (UI).

One researcher final week saw a then-rumored pierce as a defensive play by Microsoft to close business inside a Redmond gate. “Evernote’s turn a hugely successful product and Microsoft needs to keep as many people as probable from relying on applications that contest with a Office components,” pronounced Michael Silver of Gartner in a Thursday interview.

Evernote did not rest to a ask for criticism on Microsoft’s OneNote moves of Monday.

Wes Miller, an researcher during Directions on Microsoft, also connected Microsoft’s more-OneNote plan to Office. “Microsoft wants mindshare and marketplace share and to do that it needs to settle a broader marketplace [for OneNote],” Miller pronounced final week. “If we have to buy all of Office to get [OneNote], you’re losing any of those intensity business who will not buy all of Office.”

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