MAJOR NEWS! President Trump With NEW RULE That Makes US Healthcare Much BETTER!

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As Obamacare was shown to be the worst healthcare system in modern history, the people were only hoping for something better.

As anything would’ve to pass after the horrible healthcare system that tortured us for the past eights years,President Trump decided to focus on this issue and came up with a brilliant idea that will allow the health insurers for sell insurance in their states.

His idea will be proposed in front of the Labor Department and probably will be passed into regulation.

Via Breitbart:

“The proposed change will promote competition amongst health insurers and subsequently provide competition across the country. The new rule will allow insurers and health associations to sell health insurance plans that do not comply with all of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance regulations, which would allow Americans to have more affordable health insurance options.”

As President Trump has already signed the Tax Cuts and the Jobs Act in the past month, he blocked the individual mandate to buy helth insurance, but there is a much more sophisticated system that will overcome Obamacare in the first month.

However, a huge part of the Affordable Care Act remains active.

In October 2017, the President signed an executive order that highly increases our options when it comes to healthcare.

“They will be able to buy, they’ll be able to cross state lines and they will get great competitive health care and it will cost the United States nothing,” – The President explained his executive order signed in October.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) praised Trump’s latest actions saying they are the “biggest free-market reform of health care in a generation”, also added that these reforms will increase the opportunities when it comes to the healthcare in this country.

Part of Trump’s remarks in October, “When you can get Rand Paul on your side, it has to be positive!”

“Today is only the beginning,” – he added. “In the coming months, we plan to take new measures to provide our people with even more relief and more freedom.”

“Based on the fact that the very unfair and unpopular Individual Mandate has been terminated as part of our Tax Cut Bill, which essentially Repeals (over time) ObamaCare, the Democrats & Republicans will eventually come together and develop a great new HealthCare plan!” – Trump’s Tweet on December 26.

Just wow! President Trump is going to solve our healthcare system and we will forget Obamacare once and for all. This is such a good news because we will once again have a quality healthcare with significantly more options.


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