Lou Dobbs Just EXPOSED McConnell and the Swamp on LIVE TV!

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Lou Dobbs started off his show tonight on Fox News talking about Mitch McConnell’s latest delusional rant blaming President Trump for Congress’ failures to pass any meaningful legislation in his first six months in office.

What he said will go down as the best comeback to a clueless politician EVER. Watch the clip below and see for yourself.



“He isn’t worth a dog-gone-it as far as I can see.

And to say what he said, that’s just nonsense.”

“Absolutely delusional. He has sold out for so long to the Establishment.

This is exactly the persona that most voters, I think, had in their heads

when they walked into the voting booths and delivered to

President Trump 306 electoral votes.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Dobbs is absolutely right and calls things exactly like they are in the swamp of Washington DC.

SHARE this everywhere and tell McConnell to stop obstructing our President!!

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