Fishy Death of Prosecutor in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ District Ruled SUICIDE

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There seem to be many odd instances of people being associated with Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and ending up dying under suspicious circumstances. Add another to the list.

Beranton J. Whisenant Jr. was a federal prosecutor and married father of three whose body was found on a Florida beach in May.

Suspiciously enough, this is Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ Florida Congressional district and Whisenant may have been investigating crimes that could be connected to the DNC. According to the Associated Press, he worked in the major crimes division of the Miami US Attorney’s Office and was investigating passport and visa fraud at the time of his death.

Also suspicious is the fact that Whisenant’s death was just ruled a suicide by medical examiner in Hollywood, Florida despite police officers scouring the scene and being unable to find a gun anywhere.

“Police searched for two blocks north and south of the crime scene but couldn’t find the gun or any other weapon.”

Some are speculating that Whisenant may have been investigating the Awan brothers and their connections to the DNC party and Wasserman Schultz. Who knows how close he was getting to the truth.

How many bodies have to pile up under the DNC before the authorities in this country will start looking into this?

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