CNN Turns Cameras Away from Pelosi as She Suffers ‘Brain Malfunctions’ Live on TV [VIDEO]

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Democrat Nancy Pelosi appeared on CNN recently, where her confusion was more obvious than ever, and it got so bad that the camera needed to step back from her for a moment but to no avail. Pelosi made everyone, including the audience so uncomfortable with her behavior that the media even wondered why they had her as a guest in the first place. Medical experts suggest this was a clear indicator of a person in need of medical attention, and also a person who has nothing to do any more at Capitol Hill.

It is not about age. It is also not about the Democratic party. It is about the irrational behavior and temper Pelosi has, and as she continued speaking it became more apparent she was not fit to do her job to the demanded standard. Pelosi is not a woman to be left to her own devices since she put every Democrat to shame, and embarrassed herself in front of the nation.

Pelosi worked long to undermine the Republican party alongside her faithful friend Chuck Schumer. However, in the past several months, she has been suffering from suspicious brain malfunctions that gave America something to worry about. So, when she sat down with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the ‘crazy’ began to show like never before.

Namely, Pelosi ‘turned off’ on several occasions during the interview. All the while, she tries to keep her game face on and talk politics, a practice that didn’t work this time around. Take a look at the excerpted transcript from her interview below:

CNN: So my question is, why has the House ignored this issue as more and more Americans have been killed? What can House Democrats do about it? And what can we in the public do about it, as well?
Pelosi: And we just have to — you know, we just — and we promised — all of the families come to see us all the time, moms of kids shot in the street. Little children, 4 years old, drive-by, or something, come to see us all the time, and we keep saying — I’ll just tell you one thing, the most beautiful day was when Gabby was there and children from Newtown and the rest and Vice President Biden came.

If you still have your doubts, check out the video below:

I mean, something is definitely rotten in the Democratic party, or in whoever decided that Pelosi was a good fit for this interview. As far as medical terms go, Pelosi might be suffering from “expressive aphasia,” also referred to as Broca’s aphasia, which is “characterized by partial loss of the ability to produce language (spoken or written), although comprehension generally remains intact. A person with expressive aphasia will exhibit effortful speech.” Although there is not a precise diagnosis, Pelosi manifests every symptom of the condition with ease. At some point, she probably even suffered a minor stroke.

Even Democrats, such as Linda Sanchez (D-CA), expressed the desire to replace Pelosi, as she seemed unfit for the job. “California Rep. Linda Sanchez — the vice chairwoman of the House Democratic caucus, former chair of the Hispanic Caucus, and the No. 5 ranked Democrat in the House — was interviewed by reporters from The Washington Post on C-SPAN Thursday, and made the case for change, saying the time had come for leader Nancy Pelosi and her team, Reps. Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn,” explains CNN.

“I do think we have this real breadth and depth of talent within our caucus, and I do think it’s time to pass a torch to a new generation of leaders, and I want to be a part of that transition,” Sanchez said.
Sanchez is not among the bright ones as well, but at least she has a sane head on her shoulders. There is nothing logical to be expected from the Democrats, and whether Sanchez or Pelosi does the job, it is still going to look like a job poorly done.The Democratic party needs some recovery time, and they need to start from the very core.





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