Cafeteria Worker’s Tapped On Shoulder At Lunch – Turns And Discovers What The Students Did

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When a teenage boy at a high school in Reno, Nevada, told the lunch lady exactly what he thought of her, she was blindsided by his words. She could barely keep it together and broke down in tears.

He didn’t filter his much too-honest thoughts before it made its way out of his mouth, and it was the last thing she expected to hear. She was helping him and the other students cater a special project, and “Lunch Lady Lynn” was even more stunned when she discovered the real focus.

A Catholic high school is the last place you’d expect kids to make adults cry like a baby. It’s usually the other way around!

But, the students at Bishop Manogue actually wanted to show a little love to the woman who serves them food every day in the cafeteria. They knew exactly what they wanted to do, but just needed a little assistance.

With the help of a southern California gratitude project known as Dude Be Nice, the student population prepared a very special day for the hardworking woman they all view as a friend. When the teens plastered “dude be nice” signs all over the hallways, Lynn had no idea that they were plotting a surprise party for her!

She’s usually the one serving up the treats, but this time around she was getting all the goodies. This is like the reality TV show “Undercover Boss” except the kids are the ones in charge of making this lunch lady’s dreams come true.

They wanted to show her how much they cared. They wanted to repay all of the kindness she had shown them over the years.

They’ve cooked up a Tennessee BBQ to remind her of home, but that’s not all they’ve prepared. What these kids did for Lunch Lady Lynn is absolutely heartwarming.

they took the initiative to surprise her and thank her in this way is wonderful. Their compassion shown as teenagers to someone outside their family nucleus shows that this generation holds a lot of promise for the future.

Her expression when she realizes what’s happening is simply beautiful. The students’ response to her reaction is just as sweet to see.

Hopefully this initiative takes hold and other teens take advantage of the help. It’s a terrific way to pay it forward.



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