BREAKING: Massive Mueller Scandal Just Resurfaced. He’s Been Exposed

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Robert Mueller III was elected as Special Counsel with the task to achieve all shallow hopes of the Democrats..

Widespread media have praised Robert Mueller III as the embodiment of a modern day Eliot Ness.

His recent history as the past Director of the FBI shows a different picture of actions

A large number of these scandals are now getting publicity thanks to the alternative media. Throughout his reign as the FBI Director for the presidency of George W. Bush, Mueller constantly lied to Congress, managed large fraud, and encouraged to push America into a needless war based on bogus intelligence recordsGateway Pundit reports.

To paint the full picture of Robert Mueller III, we have to present his scandals one by one.

Firstly, in the duration of the usual work of the FBI (investigating and executing crimes linked to state security and federal law), Mueller’s years were dull. Mueller served the Bush government, which met the disaster of 9/11 in his first year, and Mueller’s FBI became one of the main bureaus tasked with battling the War on Terror. Yet, Mueller fumbled.

Back in 2002, Mueller declared that another terrorist assault was “inevitable” (his statement wasn’t false, except it was off by many years ) and requested that the US act violently in order to erase the threat. While the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was taking place, Mueller swore before Congress that Saddam Hussein did have weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and that the Bush government data records were on point.

Again back in 2003, Mueller took part in a larger debacle masterminded by the Bush government. Apparently, this “conservative” administration transported $12 billion in cash to Iraq in line to assist with rebuilding and government costs. The transported cash quickly vanished.

Within 2002 and 2004, Mueller’s FBI started illegally spying on American civilians, including anti-war organizations all over the land. Robert Mueller later was lyingabout the FBI warrant-less wiretapping to the Congress in 2006.

This clear as snow proof tells one thing clearly–Robert Mueller is no “autonomous” investigator. Mueller has a lasting history serving on account of the same Democratand Republican forces that are currently seeking to destroy the Trump government and its “America First” plan.

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