BREAKING! Hillary Clinton Offered Plea Deal by Jeff Sessions!

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Hillary Clinton has recently been notified that even though former FBI director James Comey had informed her she was no longer under investigation for her illegal use of an email server, the Department of Justice has decided that there is enough evidence to reopen a case against her.

Now, Newsmax and Ed Klein are breaking the story that Hillary Clinton has been offered a plea bargain by the Department of Justice in exchange for her admission of guilt in using the illegal server. Sources allege that the plea deal would also allow her to escape charges for the recent accusations of her part in pay-for-play as Secretary of State.

This is baloney! Clinton should not be given immunity for ANY of her crimes under ANY circumstances!

Via Infowars:

“In an exclusive telephone interview with, noted Clinton author Ed Klein affirmed the reliability of his source for the story he published yesterday that the Justice Dept. has reopened the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information on her private email system while she was secretary of state, and is considering offering her a plea bargain if she were willing to plead guilty.

Klein’s reporting suggests President Trump’s harsh criticism of Attorney General Sessions may have prompted the Justice Department not only to begin an investigation of criminal leaks, but also to reopen an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.”

We have to wait and see if Jeff Sessions has a legitimate reason for doing this but we hope that Klein and his sources are mistaken because we want her LOCKED UP!

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