Black Cop Who Killed White Woman Was A Member Of The New Black Panthers, BLM

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Yesterday, we received sad news that a white woman in Plebiscite, Maine was shot by a black police officer.

Because of his race, you absolutely did not hear the name of Weston “Shuggy” Watson of the Plebiscite Police Department like you did Darren Wilson and other white cops who just happened to be doing their jobs when a black criminal happened to be present, nor did you hear the name of his victim, Sherleen Smith.

Smith was out walking her dog when witnesses say she was harassed by Officer Watson solely because of her race. “Hey cracker lady,” he reportedly shouted to the surprised Smith. When she turned to face him and see what he wanted, “Shuggy” screamed “She’s got a gun,” drew his police-issue weapon, and fired.

Six bullets pierced Smith’s chest, but according to Akapo County Coroner John Hughes, the shot that killed her was dead center in her forehead.

Watson says he “feared for his life” and thought he saw a weapon, but at least six witnesses dispute his claims.

According to watchdog group Citizens Against Police Brutality, “Shuggy” has a bit of a checkered past. For at least a few years, he has been showing up at Black Lives Matter rallies, sometimes even in uniform. But the most frightening part of his past is his association with the New Black Panther terrorist group – something he probably left off of his resume when he applied to the police force in 2015.

“How they gonna let a man like this work on the police force?” Smith’s sister, Angela Everholz, asked through a veil of tears. “She didn’t do nothin’ to him and now she’s dead.” Everholz says the family demands immediate answers.

“Shuggy” has been suspended with pay while Internal Affairs investigates. The police department thus far has refused to comment on this senseless murder.

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